The Importance of Sports Sunglasses in Cricket

The Background

Cricket is a team sport that is much like baseball. Cricket involves batting in successive innings and in attempt to score runs. While they are trying to score runs, the opposing team fields and attempts to bring an end to the batting team’s innings. After each team has batted innings that are an equal number the team with the most runs is dubbed as the winner.

The Ashes

Lets talk recent cricket ashes. As always, England and cricketAustralia have put up quite the fight to come out victorious. But how are they in the standings? Who is the one who came out on top? Lets look at the recent matches. England took a big win on July 8th, July 29th and August 6th while Australia took a win July 16th and August 20th. So there it is, England beats Australia in an upset of 3-2 in the series. The underdog between the two teams, they had one simple goal: take three matches in the series. And they accomplished their goal with their hard work and determination.

The Benefits

Cricket, when played at a competitive level, can be a very fast paced game. Because of the speed at which it is played, it requires increasing eye speed and often comes with fatigue of the eyes. Eye protection is a necessity of the game and how a player performs. Studies by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) have shown that players could aide in their ability to catch a ball by as much as 28 percent while wearing glasses, which is nothing to frown at!

cricket sunglasses
Sports Sunglasses

Visually demanding, cricket requires sunglasses or glasses of some form to help the players perform at the highest peak that they could achieve. Research has proven the fact that it is also a very big factor as to the color, tint and density of the glasses that you wear while playing. Because of this, Bolle sunglasses are the sports sunglasses that are preferred by pro and amateur cricket players around the world. Sports sunglasses are more specified to handle the struggles and obstacles that athletes from every sport face. UV protection was also a huge part of why most wear sunglasses, but improving their performance by a substantial amount is a clear added bonus that appeals to any player that is looking for a hand up in the competition. Without these glasses, player are vulnerable to eye cancer and cataract due to over exposure of the light from the sun. This is also related with age related macular-degeneration. What also needs to be considered is the fit that the frames have. Because of how important it is to have frames that stay in one place and do not wander, Bolle sunglasses are a top pick. With frames that stay put and offer comfort, they know how to meld comfort and performance together seamlessly.

The Conclusion

Sports sunglasses are a necessity in the cricket game and the cricket lifestyle. They not only provide protection, but increase your chances in performing at a higher level than those without Bolle sunglasses. The proof is in the facts and the cricket sunglasses are definitely something that should be looked into for any cricket player.

Role and importance of an umpire in cricket team


Cricket umpires are the sole responsibilities of carrying out a cricket match successfully and flawlessly. They are the masters of making accurate decisions and calls in the most loved game on this planet. They also make certain that the players follow the rules and instructions accurately. Their role is quite similar to the part played by referees in other sport, but they are the key decision makers of cricket. Most of the umpires in the professional and international game of cricket are males. The number of umpires that are required in one particular game depends on the type of match that has been played on the ground. They are the decision makers and the soul of any cricket game. There are millions of responsibilities on the shoulders of an umpire because of which their role and importance in a cricket field is huge. Let’s have a descriptive look at the roles provided by an umpire:

  1. Pre-match Duties: They look after all the arrangements before the match begins. They inspect the condition of the pitch, make certain that all the equipment are set properly, and the boundary is correctly marked before the game commences. They also check the players and the captains discussing hours of play, timing and schedule of breaks, rules of the game, etc.
  2. Number of umpires: The total number of umpires required at the field fluctuates with the type of game played on the field. Most of the cricket matches have two umpires on the ground. One of them is positioned behind the bowler, and the other one stands to the left of the batsman that is called square leg. There is a third umpire that is not present on the ground but inspects all the minute details of the match through a camera. They are very important as they provide final decisions looking at their TV monitor in case of any doubt or quick wicket. They form a decision after going through a replay.
  3. Decisions and positions of an umpire: The key role of umpires is to look after the bowls that are delivered, type of wicket taken, check the LBW and mark the runs made by the batsmen. They also monitor a number of overs, the condition of balls, etc. An umpire has the right to rule the batsman out, check the way by which a ball has been delivered and to make a call listing how many runs a batsman has exactly scored. He decides the conditions like no-balls, wide-balls, LBW, etc. the other umpires handle looking after run-out and stomping. These umpires switch their positions after completion of each over.
  4. Calls: An umpire can also make a hand gesture if he needs to communicate any judgement. As the area of the field is huge, so to make all the players understand the word, they make a hand movement that is clearly understood by all the players.

An efficient umpire has even the minute understanding of the game and the rules. They have a skill of better communication. They go through a special training process to become a certified umpire.